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About The Technology Marketplace

The Technology Marketplace is the premier platform for bringing together innovative technologies from government, academia, entrepreneurs and private industry with organizational needs. They are brought together with the Marketplace to facilitate the commercialization of Intellectual Property and to solve problems and grow business. This process is done through leveraging existing research and technology to create products and services to start a business, or enhance and expand an existing one.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on research and development resulting in new intellectual property and patents. The Technology Marketplace seeks to simplify access to these technologies through centralization, categorization and robust search capability. In addition to access to technologies the Marketplace exposes high level needs of government organizations  that could be solved through the exploitation of technologies found on the Marketplace. 

Another main component of the platform is a Technology Transfer Network. This network is composed of technology transfer organization within government, academia, and private industry. The Network is intended to be a collaborative resource with the goal of assisting and facilitating the entire commercialization process. The Technology Marketplace is where the heart of Tech Transfer takes place. Click to see what new and exciting technologies are now available!