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Business Recruiter Job Description
Job Title: Business Recruiter
Reports to: Erin Miller, Managing Director
Duration/Hours: Full time, 40 hours/week

Job Purpose

The Center for Technology, Research, and Commercialization (C-TRAC), housed at Catalyst Campus, in downtown Colorado Springs, is a 501(c)(3) that has technology transfer and transition as its primary focus. C-TRAC is seeking a Business Recruiter who will support its mission through recruiting new partners, participating in outreach activities, seeking involvement from various parts of the community in C-TRAC and CyberWorx activities.

Duties & Responsibilities 

· Establish recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives

· Meet with Program Managers and Managing Director to discuss C-TRAC recruitment needs

· Evaluate C-TRAC or CyberWorx projects to determine technical expertise necessary for participants

· Research and recruit companies, organizations, individuals that would meet the requirements for participation in C-TRAC, CyberWorx, Space Accelerator, Tech Marketplace, and other events

· Build and maintain the C-TRAC CRM system

· Competently understand and be able to explain C-TRAC involvement opportunities to potential participants

· Make presentations when necessary

· Build and maintain rapport with current and potential partners

· Attract potential participants through marketing efforts, phone calls, emails, social media, etc.

· Determine applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants, analyzing responses, verifying references, and comparing qualifications to participation requirements.

· Arrange management interviews by coordinating schedules, arrange travel, lodging, and meals, escort applicant to event locations, arrange Catalyst Campus/C-TRAC community tours.

· Attend C-TRAC and CyberWorx meetings, sprints, projects as needed

· Contribute in whatever way necessary to promote the C-TRAC vision and mission

· Create metrics that will measure the success of programs perhaps through a pre- and post-assessments


The ideal candidate will have proven experience recruiting participants for events, positions, jobs, etc. The ideal candidate will also have experience with data management. The Business Recruiter must hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, communication, education, recruitment, or other related fields. C-TRAC is looking for an outgoing, energetic, professional individual who is a self-motivator and a problem solver.

The Recruitment Specialist will have a flexible work environment. While most work will be done at the C-TRAC office, some travel to various locations within Colorado Springs will be required.

This job may require extensive computer work and telephone work. Light physical exertion may be required on occasion.

If interested, please email KiMar at or call (719)896-5087x 205.

C-TRAC is an equal opportunity employer. If interested, contact KiMar at or (719)896-5087 ext 205.

CyberWorx Project Manager Job Description
Job Title: CyberWorx Project Manager
Reports to: Megen Schlesginer, CyberWorx Program Manager
Duration/Hours: Full time, 40 hours/week

Job Purpose

The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (C-TRAC) is seeking a Project Manager to understand and execute projects while facilitating long-term transfer of technology for the US Air Force’s CyberWorx program. CyberWorx is a program founded by the US Air Force Academy to accelerate the Air Force’s operational advantage in cyberspace through unique military and industry collaborations and design projects. The Project Manager will lead this effort by planning, organizing, and controlling aspects of projects assigned to the program; more specifically, facilitating commercial industry and military collaborations, publicizing and planning events, managing budgets and teams, and documenting contractual compliance. Your responsibilities may increase and change over time as C-TRAC is a rapidly expanding organization and as we grow, so will you!

Duties & Responsibilities 

· Understand the Managing Director’s vision for the program and execute per vision at all times.

· Prioritize, plan and track program progress and report project status to the Program Manager, Managing Director, Board of Directors, Clients, and Customers.

· Project Manager will be required to publicize the program via C-TRAC’s website, social media, traditional media, and other avenues to gain interest and commercial industry participation.

· Design and distribute marketing materials and marketing campaigns, and manage and monitor social media accounts.

· Project Manager will be responsible for strategically recruiting, vetting, and aligning commercial industry partners to support CyberWorx and participate in CyberWorx programs.

· Event planning, design and production while managing all project delivery elements within time limits.

· Coordinate with commercial industry partners to ensure their event attendance, badging and escorting to secure sites, distribution of necessary information, and calendars and schedules.

· Attend networking and social events to promote CyberWorx, and continuously build relationships to better the program.

· Ensure C-TRAC complies with the terms of the CyberWorx contract award, and develop and adhere to a compliance list.

· Consult with Program Manager, customer, and clients to identify project needs.

· Assign or schedule tasks in order to meet work priorities and goals.

· Attend, lead, and participate in management and client meetings

· Exercise independent judgment and discretion in overall project management.

· Perform other duties as assigned


· BS in Business Administration or Management, Communications, or other related discipline

· 5+ years of experience, or demonstrated knowledge of requirements for the position

· Organized, diplomatic, excellent communicator both verbally and written, detail-oriented, dedicated, reliable.

· Experienced in project management—budget, activity management, scheduling, writing reports

· 2+ years experience and working knowledge of marketing, business development, and recruiting or sales.

· Experienced working with Government and Air Force customers is preferred.

· Some travel may be required.

· U.S. Citizenship required.

This job may require travel. On rare occasion, this job may require evening or weekend work.

Physical Requirements

Light physical exertion may be required on occasion.

Salary and Compensation are commensurate with skill level and organizational needs.

If interested, please email KiMar at or call (719)896-5087x 205.

C-TRAC is an equal opportunity employer.

Technology Program Manager Job Description
Job Title: Technology Program Manager
Reports to: Erin Miller, Managing Director
Duration/Hours: Contracted

Job Purpose

The Center for Technology, Research, and Commercialization (CTRAC) has a position open for a Technical Program Manager (TPM) with 5 years or more experience. The position will support the development of a Technology Transfer enterprise management system and utilize the Design Thinking methodology to assist in the innovation of solutions to complex problems.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Understand and execute Managing Director’s vision for the project with an attitude of support of and respect for Managing Director’s leadership style.
  •  TPM will meet with consultants to ensure TPM is aware of what activities are assigned, what deliverables are expected, and the timeline.
  • TPM will manage the following program areas (See weekly reports below each for more detail.):
  • Budget
  • Task/Activity for team
  • Scheduling on a weekly, monthly, and project-long basis
  • TPM will meet with Managing Director each week to report on the current status of the project. Expected reports for discussion are outlined below:
    1. Weekly Budget Report, which will include the following:
      •  Status of funds spent/remaining budget
      • Direct labor—TPM will work with accounting to determine the average amount of labor being used each week on this project, so a budget can be produced that accurately forecasts program budget.
      • ODCs including travel, equipment, misc. expenses (anything a team member purchased in performing project)
      • Receipts collected from team members.
    2. Weekly Task/Activities Report, which can be face-to-face, via email or guided discussion with a report to follow which will include the following:
      • Task Management—the TPM will maintain working knowledge of the team’s current tasks, completed tasks, and progress toward major milestones (like BNA report, tool trade study report, NASA license, etc.)
      • Problem/Solution Identification—the TPM will identify team road blocks and make recommendations in alignment with the vision of the Managing Director.
      • TPM Tasks—Tasks that the TPM assigns to him/herself will be identified with dates for anticipated completion assigned.
    3. Weekly Schedule Report, which will include the following items:
      • Milestones in the project will be defined and a schedule of tasks required to meet the milestones will be assigned to team members with dates for expected completion. Progress toward these milestones will be discussed in the weekly meeting with the Managing Director.
      • All team meetings will be scheduled by the TPM and entered into the Managing Director’s calendar, so the Managing Director has the option to attend.
    4. A Monthly Report generated from the weekly reports outlined above:
      • Gather team input by the 7th
      • Include budget information (burn rate, funds remaining, percent spent on entire project
      • Submit to Managing Director for input and approval by the 15th
      • Submit to Customer by the 16th
    5. A Monthly Program Management Review will need to include the following items:
      • Review of objective of the PRP
      •  Cost (burn rate, actual dollars remaining on the project)
      • Schedule (high level milestones and how we are achieving them, i.e. BNA, tool trade study, etc.)
      • Reporting (status, additional reports needed)
      • PM Summary
      • Slides that the Managing Director can present to the board. The goal of this presentation is to let the Board know there is a project budget, the TPM is managing the project with strict adherence to this budget, and the team is meeting deliverables.
  • TMP will produce reports to the customer that are error free and reflect appropriate messaging that demonstrates to the customer that C-TRAC is a responsive, organized, professional technology transfer non-profit. The Managing Director will approve reports before they are submitted to the customer.
  • Assist with bringing C-TRAC into NIST Compliance
  • Conduct technology assessments for relevant C-TRAC programs


Organized, familiar with PM software, diplomatic, excellent communicator both verbally and written, detail-oriented, dedicated, reliable

Experienced in program management—budget, activity management, scheduling, writing reports

Experienced working with Government is preferred

Physical Requirements

On rare occasion, this job may require evening or weekend work.

This job may require extensive sitting and computer work. Light physical exertion may be required on occasion.

If interested, please email KiMar at or call (719)896-5087x 205.