The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (C-TRAC) Supporting Air Force CyberWorx


US Air Force Multi-Domain Command and Control

Colorado Springs – The Air Force’s CyberWorx program at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), working in cooperation with the Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (C-TRAC), will be hosting two design projects for the upcoming Fall term. These events will be held at USAFA and will provide industry members an opportunity to collaborate with both cadets and Air Force leadership. The first of these projects will occur over the fall and spring semesters and will focus on the next-generation user experience for multi-domain command and control of integrated air, space, and cyber operations (Short name: #AFMDC2).

The purpose of the #AFMDC2 project is to make operational units more effective by improving the quality of decisions of AF Commanders through automated decision support, computer teaming, mobility, technological simplicity, and intuitive processes in the command and control of multiple operational domains. The project will design viable options and demonstrate to Air Force leadership how we might simplify, accelerate, and increase the agility of Air Force command and control in integrated air, space, and cyber operations.

As the Air Force moves into future, multi-domain operations, General Goldfein has stated, “Multi-domain battle is more than the ability to work in multiple domains. We already do this quite effectively in today’s Air Operations Centers. It is also more than operations in one domain supporting or complementing operations in another domain.

“An advanced multi-domain operating concept (CONOPS) will exploit current and new capabilities as well as integrate joint and coalition capabilities across all military operations. It will allow us to both see more opportunities and generate more options for our nation’s leaders. Nominally, as either the Joint Forces Air Component Commander or Joint Forces Commander facilitating a campaign, we will be responsible for the delivery and articulation of joint fires. This responsibility mandates that we master MDC2.”

CyberWorx, known for taking a “design thinking” approach of tough Air Force problems, will bring together cadets, experienced Air Force operators, and industry partners to explore, experiment and demonstrate ways of best moving forward on MDC2 concepts. Industry members and academic leaders who wish to contribute to these collaborative semester long design sprints are encouraged to begin the process by contacting the Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization (C-TRAC) at Benefits of participating include interfacing with Air Force cadets, Air Force leaders and stakeholders, building relationships and partnerships with other commercial industry, and providing recommendations for implementing commercial products and solutions and data analytics techniques for the Air Force enterprise.

C-TRAC is a 501(c)(3) located on the Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs supporting the vision of CyberWorx by partnering industry with the CyberWorx program for the facilitation of technology transfer and transition.  Air Force CyberWorx is the Air Force’s cyber innovation center located at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The CyberWorx vision is to unlock the power of people to unleash the power of cyberspace for America’s Air Force.  CyberWorx accelerates operational advantages by moving toward a simpler, more intuitive and agile Air Force created by Airmen and industry innovators.

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