C-TRAC works in close collaboration with CyberWorx leadership and the Air Force Academy to run design sprints and then report the results of the sprint up to the Pentagon. In our most recent sprints we’ve had the Chief Enterprise Architect from Air Force, the lead engineer for IoT at Maxwell AFB, representatives from Gartner, IBM, T-Mobile, Cisco, Verizon and many more.

C-TRAC would like to present an invitation to participate in future design sprints to both local and national accelerator companies. To participate in a sprint the accelerator companies will need to interview with C-TRAC. The entire process is streamlined and easy to understand!

C-TRAC also runs Tech2Market events, which are intended for companies who are interested in learning about intellectual property (patents, data, software, hardware) that is available for license to any company with a plan to use it. We’d be delighted to run an event at an accelerator facility – anywhere this topic is of interest. If anyone would like to know more, please contact me at 303-596-4370 or on our contact page.

— Erin Miller, Managing Director, C-TRAC