What is CyberWorx? 

CyberWorx is a dynamic organization partnering Airmen, industry, and academia to reimagine how technology might enrich and protect our nation, businesses, and lives. As a human-centric design center, we seek out unique ways to connect Air Force warfighters with current and future technology in meaningful ways. We look to transfer, license, and share promising prototypes, solutions, and knowledge with our partners to create value for both the warfighter and the economy as this is the best way toward operational advantage.

What is the mission of CyberWorx? 

  • Innovation We strive to create intuitive solutions that overcome barriers to efficient & effective mission execution.
  • Collaboration We team with industry & operators to deepen problem definition, diversify ideas, and to speed delivery.
  • Education We use project-based learning to grow Airmen Innovators and drive cultural changes that embrace failure & risk on the path to success.

Why is the Air Force using Design Thinking at CyberWorx? 

Innovation is a strategic practice. CyberWorx draws our toolkit from industry best practices, offering engaging, collaborative, productive Design Services. Together, we dissect & define our toughest problems, and equip operators and decision-makers to create a better Air Force. Air Force CyberWorx offers facilitated design thinking sessions that bring stakeholders, industry and academic experts together to develop solutions to hard problems. 

What is the difference between a Sprint and a Project?

The sprint is an intensive, 3 to 5-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

A design thinking project is longer-term, lesson-based way to explore design thinking utilizing a project management framework.


Why does the Air Force need Commercial Expertise?

The Air Force is going through a cultural and technical renaissance and needs assistance in varying domains. Having commercial partners with expertise in expansive and diverse fields allows the Air Force to identify problems and leverage ideas in ways that are both cost effective and feasible. These commercial partners allow the Air Force to quickly determine areas of concern and to implement solutions with state of the art technologies.


What’s in it for me?

By nature of a design thinking environment and collaborative approach to problem solving, industry partners will benefit from the opportunity to develop solutions with the potential for transfer to both the commercial and government environments, building relationships with the Air Force and other industry partners, and the opportunity to diversify and apply knowledge of cyber and cyberspace.