CyberWorx educates Air Force cadets while simultaneously partnering with industry to solve cyber problems facing our Nation. The CyberWorx Team recognizes the significant advances enabled through industry partnerships, and has structured a mission around these synergistic relationships.

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Upcoming Design Sprints

Project: How might the Air Force best leverage IoT and IT commercial technologies to make Air Force Base’s (AFB) better places to work, more energy efficient, and engender a culture of continuous learning.

When: April 17-21, 2017

Where: Catalyst Campus, 555 Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

Why get involved?

  • AF is going through cultural and technological rebirth and needs assistance
  • Identifying best uses for, implementation, and architecture of IoT technologies on AF Base’s
  • Determining areas of opportunity & concern, priorities, feasibility, and cost effectiveness
  • Design and implementation of architecture will focus on Air Force Academy and Maxwell Air Force Base

What kind of expertise is CyberWorx looking for?

CyberWorx is looking for professionals who work across different industries and can contribute their expertise as it relates to the architecture and implementation of IoT technologies. Target industries include Enterprise Services & Service Providers, IoT Product Development, Smart Cities & Smart Campuses, IoT Consulting, Clean Energy, Transportation, e-commerce, and Multi-media corporations … to name a few!


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FAQs About CyberWorx

What is CyberWorx?

CyberWorx is a program founded by the US Air Force Academy to accelerate the Air Force’s operational advantage in cyberspace through unique warfighter and industry collaborations and design projects. CyberWorx aims to utilize design thinking as a means to bring industry partners, cadets, USAFA, and academia into a collaborative partnership where real Air Force cyber-related problems can be explored and viable, research-based, innovative solutions with commercial potential can result.

Why does the Air Force need commercial expertise?

The Air Force is going through a cultural and technical renaissance and needs assistance in varying domains. Having commercial partners with expertise in expansive and diverse fields allows the Air Force to identify problems and leverage ideas in ways that are both cost effective and feasible. These commercial partners allow the Air Force to quickly determine areas of concern and to implement solutions with state of the art technologies.

Why the Air Force is Using Design Thinking at CyberWorx?

How do we look at the world: solution oriented or problem oriented? A design thinking mindset focuses on the solution and allows for an action driven mentality. Design Thinking draws upon a variety of intellectual capacities in order to fully explore what is possible. Nigel Cross, in his book Designerly Ways of Knowing, beautifully articulated the purpose for using the Design Thinking process, “Everything we have around us has been designed. Design ability is, in fact, one of the three fundamental dimensions of human intelligence. Design, science, and art form an ‘AND’ not an ‘OR’ relationship to create the incredible human cognitive ability.”

What’s in it for me?

By nature of a design thinking environment and collaborative approach to problem solving, industry partners will benefit from the opportunity to develop solutions with the potential for transfer to both the commercial and government environments, building relationships with the Air Force and other industry partners, and the opportunity to diversify and apply knowledge of cyber and cyberspace.


“The CyberWorx Program is what both industry partners and the military have been waiting for!”

“CyberWorx is changing me and how I think. I’m thinking about my company problems differently. I have learned so much from the added value towards personal and professional development.”

“With CyberWorx the paradigm of thinking is changing. Innovation. Collaboration. These two words best describe why its value is important. “

“Getting to work alongside future Air Force leaders is very exciting. I love the energy that the Cadets bring to class.”

“I love the classroom environment. I get to be interactive and put my ideas up on the board. I enjoy the way the CyberWorx team facilitates the class.”

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