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CyberWorx educates Air Force airmen while simultaneously partnering with industry to solve cyber problems facing our Nation. The CyberWorx Team recognizes the significant advances enabled through industry partnerships, and has structured a mission around these synergistic relationships.

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Upcoming Sprint: #AFSmartBases-3PT March 2018

Design Question: How might we better leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies to improve Airman’s lives in the area of health and wellness to start to improve the AF’s personnel readiness and scheduling/time management during PT testing and back-end reporting/monitoring?

When? 20 – 22 March 2018

Where? CyberWorx Design Studio at US Air Force Academy

Why get involved? The intent of this project is to improve the Air Force mission effectiveness and quality of life by leveraging smart and cloud technologies. This offers the opportunity to further conceptualize, experiment with, and evaluate the feasibility and viability of IoT technologies for potential Air Force “Smart Base” applications, in particular as related to health care and physical fitness.

Who are we looking to get involved? Industry partners in the fields of: Fitness Technology, Fitness Performance Measurement & Tracking, Data Management & Analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), Technology Innovation, Wearables, RFID, Health Care, Physical Training, Systems Engineering, IT Systems, Back-End Data Support, Fitness/Gym CIO

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Upcoming Sprint: #RMFNext April 2018

Design Question: How might we accelerate the implementation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to a velocity more compatible with warfighter needs and modern DevOps methods for federal information systems including IT, OT, and Platform IT.

When? April 9-13, 2018

Where? CyberWorx Design Studio at the US Air Force Academy

Why get involved? The intent of this project is to provide a better way for mission owners to effectively manage risk, make risk-informed cybersecurity investment decisions, and protect the crown jewels that enable successful execution of the their core missions at modern cyber velocities. This advancement will not only provide benefits to the warfighter, but all affected by the RMF structure.

Who should get involved? We are looking for industry participants to bring their experience and expertise in risk-based decision making regarding the organizational information systems supporting their core missions and business functions and well as the implementation and integration of information security into the enterprise architecture and system development life cycle.

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On-Going Project - #AgileAFCyber

Project: Cyber Risk Dashboard is a paradigm-shifting cybersecurity project initially conceived as part of a CyberWorx design-thinking project that took place in Fall 2016

What is the Cyber Risk Dashboard? 

The Cyber Disk Dashboard leverages the principles of crowdsourcing data in a unique approach to cybersecurity partially based on the cutting-edge work being done in virtual reality simulation by LinQuest Corporation.  Boecore is contributing their expertise by building out dashboards and databases while MTSi will be providing the interfaces and various applications, such as a chat feature to facilitate communications among the “crowd.”

Goals of the Project? 

This intensive collaboration between C-TRAC and these three local technology stars is expected to result in an all-new, high-level counterattack against the bad actors currently driving a multitude of cyber threats, an exciting, much-needed escalation in the ongoing battle for security in cyberspace.

Industry Partner Collaboration

Following their participation in the Fall 2016 semester project, Boecore, LinQuest Corporation, and Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSi) have been awarded R&D funds to foster collaboration and work to further develop the Dashboard under contract with CyberWorx.





“The CyberWorx Program is what both industry partners and the military have been waiting for!”

“CyberWorx is changing me and how I think. I’m thinking about my company problems differently. I have learned so much from the added value towards personal and professional development.”

“With CyberWorx the paradigm of thinking is changing. Innovation. Collaboration. These two words best describe why its value is important. “

“Getting to work alongside future Air Force leaders is very exciting. I love the energy that the Cadets bring to class.”

“I love the classroom environment. I get to be interactive and put my ideas up on the board. I enjoy the way the CyberWorx team facilitates the class.”

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