I still say, ‘Shoot for the moon; you might get there.’ –Buzz Aldrin

The booth is brightly lit. Footsteps rush by. Hellos are exchanged in passing. Suddenly, in the midst of chaos, a hush comes over the room.

“Buzz is coming!” an Air Force officer says urgently under his breath.

A few bodyguards take their positions, commotion ensues, and bodies are pushed to the side. Then it happens: Buzz Aldrin comes into view. The 87 year-old, the second man to ever walk on the moon, smiles politely and walks by in an unassuming way. He walks by only a few feet from the booth, smiles approvingly and moves on. At a venue, such as that of 33rd Space Symposium, a person of Buzz Aldrin’s stature rises to that of a mega star and a mere nod carries the weight of massive approval.

Next to C-TRAC’s booth, the Boeing exhibit has just been opened and there are already lines of people waiting to see what they have to offer. 3D exhibits abound and if you look closely enough, you can see participants grab the chairs while perspiration starts to form on their hands as they feel what it’s like to be an astronaut hurtling towards outer space.

All of this commotion and it’s only Tuesday morning. For the next several days the Broadmoor will play host to the Space Symposium and the thousands of feet that will walk through the doors.

The Catalyst Campus booth, where the C-TRAC team is stationed, will quickly become one of the most visited spots at the Symposium: with State Senators, top Aero Space executives, Military and Business Leaders, and even the Governor stopping by to see what C-TRAC is currently doing.

Currently, C-TRAC is engaged in a lot of activities including: the Air Force CyberWorx Smart Bases Sprint being held April 17-21, the Tech2Market Technology Showcase the evening of April 21, a semester long sprint being held at the Unites States Air Force Academy which ends May 3, and finally another Design Sprint for Space Situational Awareness that will be held June 19-23.

Then there is the Technology Marketplace website, another development project from C-TRAC , which will help provide easy access to government patents to be commercialized for businesses and entrepreneurs. The Technology Marketplace is being showcased at the Symposium, with Brian Bellacicco, the website’s administrative director informing interested parties about the capabilities of the website once it is fully operational.

With so many people funneling through the Symposium, it seems as if there isn’t enough of C-TRAC’s literature to go around. Smiles and handshakes abound around the Catalyst booth and even in the midst of hurried chaos; there is a quiet charm that flows around the team. People are quick to pick up on the hospitality that is shown and respond in a variety of ways. The most popular questions never seem to be too far from interested parties lips.

“How can we get involved?”

“When does the Technology Marketplace plan to open?”

“What is C-TRAC’s vision for the future?”

“We’ll be in touch; we’re excited in what C-TRAC is doing and what the Technology Marketplace has to offer.”

Business cards are exchanged, farewell’s given, and excitement is tempered by the realization, that it’s only Tuesday. There are still three more days left to go and many more conversations to be had. While the 33rd Space Symposium is about technology, innovation, and the next step that humanity chooses to take into the great unknown; it is also about relationships- relationships that will take us to the moon, if we merely dare to shoot for it.